Stained Flooring

Concrete stain flooring has many pros and a few cons. Let’s go over some of them. For the pros: concrete staining cost is among the lowest of all decorative concrete options, especially if it’s for exterior projects or new construction. Of course concrete staining cost can go up if we have to do a lot of preparations on the concrete & cleaning prior to applying the stain.

Another plus is that concrete staining will create natural, organic colors that are really gorgeous compared to other flooring options. These colors have a translucent quality to them that allows all of a concrete floor’s personality to come through.


Ironically, this can also be a “con” simply because it doesn’t hide anything. If there are any imperfections in the floor prior to applying the acid stain, they’ll certainly be there afterwards. Lastly, concrete staining is more art than science. We can generally control just how dark it gets but not really what colors will come out.

Sure, if we put down a brown you will get a brown, but you may also get a little yellow, or red, or orange, etc.; you get the picture. We always put down a stain sample to get an idea of the final color but if you’re looking for a specific tone there is no way to guarantee it will happen.

On a lot of our applications after staining we apply sealers. It can be high gloss or a satin finish !

Concrete staining cost will generally run from $3.50 – $8.00 per square foot. Larger projects have a lower cost per square foot than smaller projects. We have a $1,500 minimum for our work but may be able to make an exception in certain cases.

Please give us a call for an estimate. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 1-781-595-5046 or 1-480-963-0429 or email us at contact@decostone.com

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