Rustic Terrazzo Flooring

The Rustic Terrazzo Flooring System is known through the “Concrete Coating Industry” to be the most “Everlasting” product on the market for any outside application, the main reason is its (Thickness-1/2 inch) and the ability to allow the concrete to breathe through the cement and epoxy between the stones.

Even when we apply our sealers which are 18% solids it is not preventing the concrete to breathe.

So that is why we stand behind our Rustic Terrazzo Flooring System 100%.

We installed many applications up in the New England area where it is extremely cold.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 1-781-595-5046 or 1-480-963-0429 or email us at contact@decostone.com

Rustic Terrazzo FlooringOutdoor Pool Commercial 3

Outdoor pool commercial 1Indoor Pool Commercial 6

Rustic Terrazzo FlooringRustic Terrazzo Flooring

Eposed aggregatte pool deck 2Rustic Terrazzo Flooring

Rustic Terrazzo FlooringRustic Terrazzo Flooring





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pool deck

pool deck