Polished Terrazzo Flooring

Cementitious terrazzo is minimum 70 percent marble-chip material and 30 percent cement matrix (with a Portland cement binder). This is pretty much the opposite of regular concrete, which is around 70 percent cement (including fly ash or slag) and 30 percent aggregate (sand and rock).

When placed, terrazzo is poured and troweled about 1/2-inch thick over a low-strength concrete bed. It is then ground flat, honed, and sealed with a penetrating solvent-based sealer.

Terrazzo must be waxed to achieve the shine that the owner is expecting. Our Polished Terrazzo Flooring will last for decades.

The advantages and benefits include:

•Lowest life-cycle cost of any flooring system available
•Unlimited design and color combinations
•Designed to withstand heavy traffic and chemical attack
•Joint free surface- does not support bacterial growth
•Ease of cleaning and maintenance
•Longevity- terrazzo often outlasts life of building

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