Epoxy Paint Flooring

(EPOXY PAINT FLOORING) – Floor Covering on a Budget

Nothing can improve and transform the look of your conrete floor for the least amount of money than epoxy paint. It is one of the oldest and still very popular ways to turn that plain or ugly floor into something to be proud of.

Available in two different formulas, the least expensive is the traditional latex acrylic concrete paint. Once your floor has been cleaned and prepped properly, it goes on quickly with the least amount of fuss with a variety of colors to choose from. The other formula that has become more of the standard is epoxy paint. Though a few more dollars per gallon, it has epoxy added to the mix and as a result it holds up much better than standard paint. It is just as easy to apply and comes in a variety of colors as well.


You can even add colored acrylic chips to broadcast onto the surface of the paint after it is applied to add color and some anti-slip properties. Two-part epoxy paint kits are another variation of this formula. The most expensive of these choices, these kits technically are not paint but are worth mentioning here because of their relatively low cost.

Benefits of Epoxy Paint
Product that requires mentioning is the garage floor epoxy paint kits. Technically these are not paint; they are an actual 2-part epoxy product that is marketed as paint. Because they have a very low percentage of solids content by volume, they are easy to apply and provide a thin coat like paint does.

Most kits are designed to go on with only one coat. They should not be confused with the traditional epoxy coat systems that provide multiple coats however. While they do provide better protection than latex acrylic or 1-part epoxy paint, the cost for these kits is usually 2 to 3 times as much.

If they fit into your budget, you will get the most protection from 2-part epoxy coat paint. So by spending a little more money on our epoxy paint this will guarentee a long lifetime on your floor.

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