Color Chip Flooring

Our Color Chip Flooring System is a decorative flooring system which looks great an is exceptionaly durable . It consist of a (3) step process. After cleaning and preperation of the floor.


Our first step is start with a solvent based primer coat.

Second step is to apply a 100% solid epoxy, while we broadcast a multi-colr chip into the floor. This will give it a granite-tech appearearance like no other.

Third step and final coat is a clear three part component aliphatic urethane protective coating.

Our final coat offers a smooth finish is recomended for high traffic areas to protect against wear and chemical spills.

With this finish coat it ensures a concistant color throughout the life span of the floor. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 1-781-595-5046 or 1-480-963-0429 or email us at contact@decostone.com

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